Approach this closet-edit with the desire to create a new, clean space for your wardrobe. If you follow these steps, and clear out what is no longer serving you, the items that remain in your closet will feel brand new.  This step is crucial to ensuring you are open and ready to shift perspectives and allow your new wardrobe to represent your message.  I recommend reading through the entire document before beginning.  What I love most about WSG closet edits is that they are FAST and painless!

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Pull out every single item with a stain, unrepairable hole, smell, or sizing issue.  These items go into a recycle pile.  (Goodwill recycles! Please don't allow items to end up in the landfill.) With a ruthless hand take a second run through and pull out all items that you have not worn in the past few years, these go into a donate pile. We are practicing non-attachment during this step. You can do it!  Go through your closet as many times as it takes until you can honestly say everything in there is in great shape and deserves to be a part of your new wardrobe.  


I love David Wolf's quote about cleaning up your diet: "The best strategy we've got is to just add the good stuff!  Eventually it's going to crowd out the bad stuff." Your closet works the same way so don't stress if you're still unsure of what's left in there even after you've completed edited.   


Put on your best fitting undergarments in case you want to try something on.  (Hint- you shouldn't be able to pull your bra straps up off your shoulder more than an inch or two.)  Undergarments only last a couple years so if you’re due for a fitting be sure to do that before your new wardrobe arrives.  

There are three measures you will use to evaluate your wardrobe: joy, colors, and body type.


WHAT BRINGS ME JOY?- The Konmari method

Look at every single items in your closet (clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories) and ask yourself "Does this item bring me joy?"  It feels funny at first but this mindset facilitates the world's easiest way to edit your closet because you don't even have to try anything on if you don't want to.  It's likely that you will be surprised by what brings you joy and what doesn't.  Don't linger on any item too long, 10-30 seconds is all it should take to decide.  Keep in mind that what doesn't bring you joy may be bring someone else an immense amount of joy; feel good about moving these items out of your life and making space for something new.  


Dressing in your ideal color palette can be very powerful.  Wearing the right colors can make you look more awake, vibrant, and healthy.  We tend to gravitate towards colors that work well for us so don’t be surprised if your closet has many pieces that fall within your color palette.  Consider donating colors that are major outliers to your color chart, not only because they don't represent you the best, but because it makes your closet less cohesive and harder to navigate.  If you aren't sure of your color palette, we will go over this in your Wardrobe Workshop so don't stress! 

Body Type

Take a general perspective; how does the outfit feel in terms of fit? Do the straps fall down?  Pants drag?  Do you avoid it because there's a tiny hole in the shoulder? Make a tailoring pile and a knowledgeable tailor will make the necessary adjustments for the perfect fit.  Don't skip the tailoring! It's amazing how $20 worth of alterations can give you a whole new ensemble.  While you’re going to the tailor take this time to check the buttons on coats and jackets- if any are loose bring them along to be tightened.  If you aren't sure of your exact body type, we will go over it in your Wardrobe Workshop, and we will help you discover the best items to highlight your beautiful body. 


Now that everything in your closet fits, brings you joy, and falls within your color palette you are ready to organize so all of your new items have a home.  This is a very simple method and it works wonderfully. 

If you have the space I recommend keeping only the current season of clothing in your closet.  That is, either all cold weather clothing or all warm weather clothing will stay in your main closet.  Ideally, the opposite season can be left hanging but transferred to another closet or another section of your primary closet.  Again, this creates space and makes it easier to peruse and find pieces.  The less you have to choose from the more likely you are to utilize each piece.    

Keep a small section of your closet (enough space for 2-5 outfits) as a ‘staging area.’ Use this staging area to select and hang your outfits for the week.  A good practice is taking 10-15 minutes on Sunday night to peruse your calendar and hang a variety of lookbook outfits so they are ready to go!    

Organize your closet by category. Hang all of your bottoms together (separated by pant, skirt, jeans).  Hang all of your tops together (separated by tanks, blouses, t-shirts, etc.).  Hang all of your top layers together (sweater, jackets, cardigans, etc.) Dresses and suits should go in a separate section as well. Keeping similar items together will make it much easier to find pieces, put them away, and stage your outfits for the week.  

 Finally, acknowledge the hard work you’ve done and remember that it’s not going to be perfect, and it never will.  This is a good process to do each season, even if you're not adding new items!