Let me tell you about Maegan Watson...

Maegan’s first glimpse into the world of styling began on a Chicago rainy day in the Fall of 1992.  One of her second grade classmates, a long-blonde haired girl who was new at school, had been made fun of by classmates because of her choice of pant style: white, wide-legged pants that were a trend from the last decade.

During indoor-recess, with their backs against the lockers, Maegan had a solution to her friend’s dilemma. She saw an opportunity to help her friend and gently uplift her spirits. Maegan explained what type of pant would look good and where to get them. It was the same store that Maegan’s mom shopped at. She encouraged her friend to shop there as well.

“I wanted to make her feel better,” Maeg recalls. “When people French braided my hair, I loved it because it made me feel so much better. So, I braided her hair.” Once Maeg offered a solution to the out-of-style-pants-dilemma and confirmed that her friend was feeling better after braiding her hair, they were off and back to playing at recess. “That was the first time that I realized I really liked helping people and making them feel better.” Her Love Language® being acts-of-service, it’s clear that the fabric of Maegan’s journey is weaved with her big and heart-centered character.

During graduate school, she studied consumerism with a focus on a woman’s decision making process in regards to fashion. She studied and researched the difference between slow fashion versus fast fashion. Along with several peers, she performed group studies and one-on-one interviews, learning the intimate thoughts about style, purchasing, and the insecurities of other women. For two years, she had an indepth look into a woman's relationship to style and shopping.

By happenstance she took on a project of writing for a style-focused publication and doing written commentary for fashion shows. During this time, Maegan’s resume found its way onto the desk of a styling firm, where she was hired for her first gig.

Her first client was a high-level female executive who’s shopping budget was $10,000. Naive but thrilled at the opportunity to make this woman’s working life impeccably beautiful, Maegan was all in.

“I was just so excited and so in awe that this was my job. My purpose was to make this client feel and look beautiful. I was unaware of just how unprepared and how unequipped I was for the job. I was blind of my inexperience because I was having so much fun. I rallied.”

She spoke to tailors, fashion designers, retailers, and people who specialize in custom clothing, all to create an incredible experience and personalized style. Her first client loved her wardrobe so much, that Maegan remained her personal stylist for years to come. Though that same client has since retired, they still remain in regular contact.

When you know Maegan, it’s clear that she forms beautiful relationships effortlessly. She has a deep and profound respect for others. When asked what keeps her engaged in her business and the styling industry, Maegan’s reply is just as potent and connected to the origin of her journey.

“My clients already have a career, and I have the ability to help them with one of the most important aspects of it: appearance and confidence. Women already have the skills, brilliance, knowledge, and experience. It’s their appearance and confidence that elevates these incredibly talented women to the next level, not only for themselves and their work, but their life. Shopping and trying to determine what looks good and goes well uses quite a bit of energy for women who are better off doing the incredible work that doesn’t take their energy. I want to alleviate the energetically draining experience and instead transform their wardrobe so it empowers them.”

Maegan believes that women should be protecting their energy. We should be applying our focus, time, and energy on the things we’re good at and that fulfill us the most. Her clients are successful because they’re operating in their zone of genius, and doing work they’re highly skilled at. Maegan is no different in the sense that styling is her zone of genius and it fulfills her on a deep soul level: she’s helping others and making them feel good.

This core value is everywhere inside of Watson Style Group. Her team is comprised of people who are incredibly talented, gifted, and doing work that fulfills them.

She adopted this value during the earlier part of her career after being repeatedly complimented on her gifts. She now has an appreciation for the skills and crafts of others. This aligns with her company’s values of quality over quantity. From the well made, timeless pieces that go into her client’s wardrobes, to the gifts and skills of her team, she naturally acknowledges and expresses appreciation of the talent that surrounds her.

I’ve worked with many female entrepreneurs in the service industry, and there’s a lot of promise of transformation, yet I’ve never met a woman who is authentically and powerfully delivering on it as well as Maegan and her team. This isn’t just a personal styling company, this is a service that gives you your life - your best life.

Afterall, we have to get dressed everyday, we might as well do it in a way that empowers us. Maegan knows exactly how to do that for individual women. It’s her superpower.


Written by Sarah Foster, friend, and Brand Ambassador of the Watson Style Group

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