Before and After Wardrobe Makeover with Stylist Maegan Watson

I’ve never been keen on ‘before and after’ shots.  

We all remember the TLC show What Not to Wear.  While I was addicted to this show in grad school (I needed something on in the background while I was coding data) I never loved the fact that they highlighted the haggard, poorly dressed woman checking her mail with her college hoodie on.  

Of course, the contrast of how terrible she looked at the start made her look even more fabulous when they revealed her new look, but I still felt bad for her.  

Call me the sensitive type, because I am.

Still, I would never put my clients on display like that - however, we do have a special before and after to share with you. It’s not what you would expect! 

Watch the video and let me know, does your closet currently look like the before or after? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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Sarah Foster