Warm-Weather Workwear

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Summer Fridays and triple-digit temperatures tempting you to bare more skin than usual? Feeling ready to let your usually tailored image slide? Here are a few tips for maintaining your professional polish when the mercury rises.

Be Fastidious About Fibers

‘Cool’ fibers like rayon/viscose and cotton will keep you comfortable when temperatures rise.

Avoid thermophilic (‘warm-loving’) fibers like wool, silk, and acrylic, which will only trap your body heat. Synthetics fabrics like nylon or polyester crepe or jersey will resist wrinkles when your warm body is repeatedly sitting all day, acting like an iron.


Use Linen Sparingly

Though linen is considered a ‘cool’ fiber, its notoriously prone to wrinkle, leaving you looking disheveled and unprofessional. Avoid linen bottoms and dresses at all costs, which will crease and be unflattering at the pelvis. Linen blazers and tops are ok, even better if they’re a blend with rayon or cotton.



Opt for Sleeves

As counter intuitive as it may seem, wearing sleeves will allow you to skip the extra jacket/sweater layer for shoulder coverage (unless you’re comfortable wearing sleeveless in the workplace). Adding an extra accessory like a statement necklace or scarf may help keep you from feeling under dressed.


Jacket Required?

If top-layer is non-negotiable, an unlined jacket in a cool fabric or tailored cardigan will add polish without the extra heat.


Let Your Feet Breathe

If appropriate in your office, go for a block-heeled sandal- make sure it’s got a heel strap and isn’t too bare on top. Open toe a no-go? Leather shoes with leather linings will allow your foot to breathe more than synthetics.

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