We shop, style and manage wardrobes for brilliant, driven women.

We shop, style,
and manage wardrobes
for brilliant-driven women.


Exclusive Full Service, Personal Styling


From filling-in-the-gaps to a complete wardrobe overhaul, we provide a 'no-holes' service so our clients' closets contain beautiful, timeless style. We believe that when a woman walks into her closet, she should feel both confidence and ease about what she's wearing that day. From the head to the toes, we style our clients so mornings are filled with ease and the days, evenings, and nights are distraction free. Whether you're working, relaxing, or spending time with the people you adore, your attention should be on who and what you love and not on what you're wearing. Your style should be an extension of who you are. Let us focus on what you're wearing and draw out the essence of you through your wardrobe and style.


At Watson Style we empower our community of clients to pursue their best selves, and bask in their own unique beauty…

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"Maegan and team have been an invaluable resource to me and a number of my colleagues. After several years of working together I continue to be impressed with Maegan’s dedication and understanding my ever changing life and needs. Her patience is a virtue and her eye for fashion is impeccable. Finally, she is organized and efficient with my time. I highly recommend The Watson Group without hesitation!" Janet Foutty, U.S. Board Chair, Deloitte.  


Road Warriors

Super Moms


Fashion Lovers


"Working with Watson Style Group was an amazing, rich and fulfilling experience. It was life-altering for me. They combine formidable styling talent, an excellent customer experience, as well as a deep sensitivity to individual authenticity. They understand the appropriateness of style and wardrobe given your specific life and professional circumstances and goals. This isn't about being a fashionista, it is enjoyable, empowering and fulfilling process moving you towards your best authentic self. The right wardrobe, hair, and makeup create the setting that lets your expertise and talent shine through. This is an investment in yourself, not only from an end result perspective but also by outsourcing the wardrobe function to true specialists, it allows you to spend your time and energy focusing on the core activities that significantly impact your success. If you really want success in your career, identifying the critical drivers and putting your focus, efforts, and energy towards them is key. Imagine getting up every morning, consulting your personalized look book and never wondering what to wear, or what accessories to add. An amazing freeing and confidence-building experience. " - Irene Holmen, Senior Partner-Retired, Ernst & Young

"Watson Style Group's proprietary, signature personal styling process is specifically designed for brilliant-driven leaders at the most successful professional service firms in the world"


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