How much does a Styling Session cost?

At this time the styling session is complimentary and absolutely free. Even though it's free, it's highly valuable. We ask that when you do book you respect the time on your calendar as we are doing. We make sure we show up fully to give you the best of our services. We don't schedule other meetings or events that would conflict with your session. We respect your time, please do the same for our team. Our work, our clients, and those who are interested in working with us are highly respected.

What is a Complimentary Styling Session?

During this session, you’ll learn why your wardrobe isn’t working for you and what needs to change to transform your closet so you’re excited to get dressed!

You’ll walk away with a vision about what’s truly possible. We bridge the gap between why you have your current experience with your wardrobe and how to make it into something amazing!

Where does the Complimentary Styling Session take place?

The session takes place by phone. Our time is valuable, and we know yours is too. To ensure we get the most out of your session, complete the application. It provides us with pertinent information prior to our call.

Depending on the date and time you choose, you’ll be connected with one of our team members who knows styling inside and out! They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have in regard to styling, Watson Style Group, and the services we provide.

We make this part of the process because it’s not only important that we get to know you! Know it’s important for you to learn more about the company and the team behind the brand that changes lives and closets of women across the country.

We understand that a closet can be a private space for some and it’s important that our clients see how truly we are committed to making everyone feel amazing, seen, and incredible. We don’t take this time for granted.

How much time  is our phone call?

Every woman is different, which means each call is different. We schedule Complimentary Styling Session in 30-minute blocks. 

Do I need to live in a certain city or area of the country?

We’d love to be neighbors with all of our clients (because a glass of wine with good people on the patio every evening with incredible women sounds like bliss!) but the reality is, our team is located all over the United States and so are our clients. The beauty of our services is we work both virtually and also do in-person styling. It doesn’t matter where you’re located or what you need, we work with women all over!


What happens following the Complimentary Styling Session?

During the actual session there are 3 things that happen to determine the next step for you.

(One) After we get to know you and what you need…

(Two) We evaluate your needs to determine what you need specifically

(Three) We’ll answer commonly asked questions about our process and business to see if we’re a good fit for you moving forward should you need more in-depth styling services.


Listen, we’d love to say we’re a fit for everyone! The truth is, our team of stylists have been doing this for well over a decade. We’re really good at styling professional, brilliant, driven and high performing women. We work with change makers who are looking for a wardrobe that’s specifically catered and designed for them. We’re not a membership. We aren’t limited to shopping with certain brands or labels. We are free to put together outfits that are high quality and carefully picked out to maximize your wardrobe, so it fits your work life, everyday life, and vaca life. Not every woman or her wardrobe is the same. No two styling programs are the same.


Imagine this: every morning, when you wake to start the day, you’re excited to get dressed. You can’t wait to open your closet doors and grab an outfit that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. You won’t have to think about what in your closet goes together or if it’ll flatter you, because your team of stylists did all the work and heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is get dressed and go!


Have you filled out the application and scheduled your complimentary styling session yet?! Go here to book!